Corporate Events

Outstanding events from your own out-of-office team.

When there’s too much to do, and too little time, you need an extra expert pair of hands to help you out. That’s where Ann Squared comes in. We offer a full range of corporate event support, allowing you to focus on the other plates you’ve got spinning.

Perhaps you need to strengthen relationships between your team members; plan some unforgettable networking opportunities; set up some crucial meetings, or organise an original group away day.

As well as arranging trips abroad, team-building and business-to-business events, Ann Squared can also work with you to create powerful staff incentives and buzz days to boost your ROI. Stratospheric kick-offs, once-in-a-lifetime prizes, dream details to get the whole business talking – whatever you’re imagining, Ann Squared can make it happen.

For full case studies of past events, check out Ann Squared in Action.

Corporate Events in action: