Western Digital – The Storage Selector Toolkit

Consumers get down with digital storage.

Western Digital are a leading global provider of storage solutions, hard drives and network­-attached storage devices – you’ve probably spotted their logo on a computer or three! Their Channel Marketing team wanted an online solution which would educate consumers about what storage is and why they need it. The solution was required to take individuals on a ‘decision-making journey’ to help select the right Western Digital storage solution for their needs. Ann Squared soon made it happen.

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Here's what we did:

After extensively reviewing the WD product range, we created and customised a decision matrix to lead users towards the right WD products for them. This journey first set the scene, educating the user about the importance of storage by using real-life scenarios. It then established how the individual used their data day-to-day. Finally it identified what mattered most to them when transferring or accessing data. Based on their answers, the user was directed to the product/s that met their needs, where they were given concise information to help make an informed decision.

Next we turned this decision matrix into an online selector toolkit, featuring all the assets required to enable key customers and channels to create a Western Digital selector on their own retail product pages. Though the design and tone of voice was Western Digital throughout, we built in enough flexibility that the selector could be easily changed to meet the needs of each channel.

The selector is being sold-in to various channels as you read this. Watch this space to see it live in action…