Land Rover Explore – EE Call Centre Roadshow

An Exploration around the UK with Land Rover Explore

We designed and produced a touring roadshow, visiting EE Call Centres across the UK and Ireland, introducing and training EE colleagues on the brand new Land Rover Explore Phone, through a number of custom experiences.

Great British Adventurer Jamie Ramsay introduced EE colleagues to the phone. As the face of the UK launch, Jamie shared his passion and stories of using ‘The Explore’ in real life adventure situations. We then put EE colleagues in the shoes of the phones’ target audience through a range of real life simulated environments, bringing the outdoors in.

Event gallery:

Here's what we did:

First off, they took a ride on the 360* video experience, shot at Hadleigh Road, the home of the London 2012 Mountain Biking, immersing themselves in an off-road bike ride demonstrating the capabilities and durability of the phone. They then learned more about the device’s KSPs through the eyes of other adventurers, unearthing relevant content on the phone through discovering hotspots on our Augmented Reality Wall.

Participants headed back to their sales desks with a new-found excitement for this new to market phone. And, over the course of the 2-week roadshow, we saw over 700 EE sales colleagues whilst we were on our own adventure across the UK and Ireland.